Tales from the Endless Sea

Jeff's New Friends

The crew set sail for Aho. While on the journey, Tarhun and Nymera interrogated the cook. The cook revealed that he had been poisoning the prisoners on the order of Warden Greystone. The cook also reveals that there was a wizard that left a few weeks prior to the crews showing up and that the Warden was planning on leaving soon. Tarhun and Nymera decide to let the cook live, and quietly release him once he gets to Aho on the promise that he will get the first ship out of there.

After an uneventful journey, the crew arrives at Aho and immediately heads for Drew’s Pizza, where Gendrew removes their anti-magic tattoos. The crew finds out that Pepper Jack’s assault on Tuapa has so far been a success, driving the Navy away from the island. Pepper Jack has remained on Tuapa to guard against counter attack.

Mary provided the crew with 10 gold apiece from the ship fund, and then went weapon shopping with Lod.

The Porpoises then go and visit Whistler and tell the story of their break in to Black Water. Whistler is intrigued by the vampire and the activities of the Warden, which raises the question of Mary’s involvement, as the Warden panicked when he identified her. Mary dodged the question, revealing only the bare minimum of her history. Sefina pushed for more but was unsuccessful in convincing her to share more and the matter was dropped.

Sefina and Caiobhe captured and tamed a couple of birds.

The next day the crew set sale for Tuapa. Their journey there is also uneventful, and the Porpoises immediately head for Pepper Jack. The crew once again tells the story of their exploits, while Pepper Jack informs tells them of the battle. Pepper Jack informs Lod that Ranmir was killed in action, his ship sunk by a Navy ship called The Butterfly.

The Porpoises decided to go through the Navy controlled waters to get to Carlos’ island, stopping at The Beacon along the way.



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