The Span


It is commonly thought that the islands in the Span all fall within a few degrees longitude of each other. While the main islands, Cardamom, Caliban, Cappadocia, and Cress, follow a relatively straight north-south pattern, there are many islands that do not follow this pleasing geographic oddity.

Even with the smaller islands taken into account, the Span fits within a comparatively small longitude. The islands do cover a broad latitude, however, starting in the relative north and ending in the tropics. Consequently, the Span has a broad range of climates and ecosystems. Cardamom in the north and its surrounding islands are dominated by temperate forest, Cress in the south by tropical forests. The intermediate islands transition between these two ecosystems, with some variation along the way.

Northwest Caliban matches Cardamom in temperature and environment, but the eastern half is dominated by swamps, with a boggy forest to the north and a large, endless marshland to the south.

Cappadocia’s forests are predominantly on the southwest side of the island, which is the rainy side of the island. A northwest-southeast running mountain range divides the forested side from the flatter and drier side, which transitions from a rocky desert to a rolling grassland.

Deep ocean frequently separates the four large islands from the smaller outer ones. Because of this the smaller islands are largely isolated from the main ones, and there are many that are inhabited that are almost completely uncharted.


There is no dominate secondary language after Common in the Span. Various racial languages are spoken in the lands of their respective races, but most do not have a high enough population or dominance for their language to become naturally second hand to residents.


While the gods are worshiped in the Span as anywhere else, Makani is the only one who is given special significance, and then only along the Beatonian Way. While most depictions of Makani have him dressed as a sailor, in The Span he is typically found with a walking stick and traveler’s cloak.

However, there is a significant amount of nature worshipers on the island. Druidic lore is influential within the region, especially off the

The Span

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